What to Expect at a Music Festival

Whether you are going to a music festival such as Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, or you are going to a local music festival in your home town, it is important to know what you should expect. The more music festivals you attend, the more you will understand what you should and should not do. All music festivals vary, but there are a few standard rules that will apply to most of the festivals you attend. Here are a couple of tips on preparing for a music festival:

Music Festival

Dress appropriately

At an event like this it does not really matter what you wear, as long as you are comfortable. It is important that you do not wear clothes that you will sweat in a lot, as with most festivals it does tend to get really hot. You want to wear clothes that allow air to flow through the material, so you can dance and sing along to the performers. You can wear a t-shirt supporting your favourite artist at the venue, or you can wear any t-shirt or shirt that you feel comfortable in. If it is an outdoor music festival, make sure you check the weather forecast before heading out, so that you can prepare for the weather ahead. If it is expected to rain while you are there, instead of bringing an umbrella and blocking everyone’s view, you can wear a plastic poncho. A plastic, water-proof poncho will not only keep you dry from the rain, but it will also not block anybody’s view of the stage.

Pack a light bag

Regardless of whether or not you are spending the night at the music festival, you should always pack light. If you are going to be spending a night or two, bring only two sets of clothing besides the set you are wearing. You will also need to bring cash, as typically food and clothing stands at music festivals do not accept credit or debit cards. If you are going to be bringing a camera, make sure you do not bring an expensive one, as there is a high chance it will get stolen or smashed. Other than that, you should bring a few pairs of underwear, socks and some snacks. If you take any medication or if you have an inhaler, make sure you bring that too, as you might need it.