Why Are Men Afraid of Dating?

The relationships between men and women have always been a hot topic. Human culture, various pieces of art (paintings, sculptures, novels, movies…) are filled with stories and discussions related to this phenomenon. Of course, it is all about love and dating. The concept of dating in its modern form is relatively fresh – but the main problems have already crystallized. Today we are going to explore an interesting sphere of male mindset. Simply put, we will figure out why men are afraid of dating. Yes, some men are not only revolted by the buzz about commitment and marriage but are also frightened by dating itself.

Dating is expensive. Hello, mister Gobseck! How are you doing today? Yes, men sometimes suggest dating is too costly and they will not be able to pay for everything. For women, it sounds rather weird. First, men do not have to buy expensive presents during the initial phase of a relationship. Second, visiting fancy restaurants with crab cakes and one-hundred-year-old French wine is optional (or we should better say excessive). Only gold-diggers look for money. Your huge expenses will leastways bewilder decent and caring girls. However, dating can be expensive if you look only for sex dates. You will have to pay for everything in order to get what you want. Nevertheless, this concept has nothing to do with dating.