Dealing with Divorce – 3 Tips to Move on

When your marriage fails and it’s time to cut ties with your ex, many divorcees struggle with moving on to the next chapter in their life. In fact, there is a good chance you have fallen into a whirlwind of emotion and can’t seem to break away. Friends and family have probably heard all the negatives you could muster up about your ex, and it’s possible they are starting to get annoyed.


We’ve heard this story time and time again, which means it’s probably just a natural habit after a person has been hurt by someone they loved. We want to help you through this trying time, and we can do so with a few simple tips:

Limit the Contact

There is no reason to text, email, or call your ex, unless you have kids. Even if you do have children with the person you divorced, it’s important to limit the contact as much as possible. The common issue here is the more contact you have after the divorce; the more chances there are to have arguments. If there happens to be a little contact here and there, don’t let your emotions get the best you. Then end result will only be disastrous.

Don’t Become a Social Media Stalker

Social Media Stalker

The individual, who didn’t want the divorce, is usually the one that stalks the other person. Granted, we’re not talking about going to their house and staking out the place. No, we’re talking about Facebook, Twitter, and all the other media outlets. Now that you’re not tied down by one another, both parties have a right to do as they please.

The best course of action with social media is simply blocking them on all your accounts. It’s time to start fresh, and if you keep living in the past, it’s going to be extremely difficult to begin the next chapter of your life.

next chapter

Get Involved in Something Where You Don’t Know Anyone

One of the best ways to overcome postpartum divorce is by finding a new activity. Something you would be interested in learning, but have never tried to do. Most importantly, make it something that is “just yours,” as opposed to bringing friends or family along. It’s definitely a different approach, because most of us want to be able to talk to our friends about the divorce. However, most people don’t want strangers to know they are newly divorced. It’s none of their business; right?

Meeting new people will allow you to open up and enjoy yourself. The things you talk about will be positive, and the more you do this, the easier it will be to let go. After a while, the divorce will be out of sight and out of mind.

Start Today

There is no reason to wait. It’s possible you have already been dealing with this for a long time and haven’t been able to break free. Just open up another window in your browser and start searching for new activities in your area. It can be a festival, a painting class, or what it is that makes you happy. Once you take the time to do this, everything else will fall into place. Good luck.