Why Are Men Afraid of Dating?

The relationships between men and women have always been a hot topic. Human culture, various pieces of art (paintings, sculptures, novels, movies…) are filled with stories and discussions related to this phenomenon. Of course, it is all about love and dating. The concept of dating in its modern form is relatively fresh – but the main problems have already crystallized. Today we are going to explore an interesting sphere of male mindset. Simply put, we will figure out why men are afraid of dating. Yes, some men are not only revolted by the buzz about commitment and marriage but are also frightened by dating itself.

Dating is expensive. Hello, mister Gobseck! How are you doing today? Yes, men sometimes suggest dating is too costly and they will not be able to pay for everything. For women, it sounds rather weird. First, men do not have to buy expensive presents during the initial phase of a relationship. Second, visiting fancy restaurants with crab cakes and one-hundred-year-old French wine is optional (or we should better say excessive). Only gold-diggers look for money. Your huge expenses will leastways bewilder decent and caring girls. However, dating can be expensive if you look only for sex dates. You will have to pay for everything in order to get what you want. Nevertheless, this concept has nothing to do with dating.


Hiring a destination wedding photographer: What are your options?

Picking a photographer for your destination wedding can be tough, but there are lots of options that many don’t consider.

Hiring a local photographer

It’s a fairly common option to hire someone who works as a photographer in the city where you’ll be getting married. This is convenient since they’ll be there waiting for you, but it can be tough to get to know them before the wedding if you’re planning from a distance.

wedding photographs

If you go with this option, make sure you’re working off a recommendation, either from your wedding planner or someone else whose opinion you trust, and make sure you’ve spoken with them about your specific needs and seen some of their sample work.

Bringing someone with you from home

This is a great option for people planning a destination wedding, especially if you’re the kind of couple who wants an engagement session or other photography services that aren’t all happening while you’re in your destination.

This option usually means you’ll have to pay for travel and accommodation for your photographer, but this isn’t always as expensive as it sounds. Depending on the market they work in, photographers from home can be way less expensive as far as base costs, which can mean that even with their travel fees, they can be competitive with local photographers.

Bringing someone in from another location

Picking a photographer based on their style and personality is really the best way to go, instead of convenience and location. Of course, this can mean paying a little more, but that’s not always the case. Many wedding photographers are open to traveling and can provide a custom quote for their full services at your destination location, which will include travel and perhaps some extra incentives if they’re trying to break into the destination wedding market.

Remember that if you select a photographer from a less expensive market than your destination, it can be less expensive to book them, even after factoring in travel expenses.

In the end, your wedding photographs will last a lifetime, so picking someone you trust and get along with is important. Instead of assuming that travel fees will be exorbitant, remember to take into account all the factors (like base prices, incentives and deals) and weigh your options to find the wedding photographer that will immortalize your wedding in a style you adore.


Should you get a pre-nup?

Especially if you’re in the first flushes of romance with your partner, a pre-nup may be the last thing on your mind when you get engaged. Let’s face it, signing a contract to protect your respective assets should your marriage come to an end is hardly the most optimistic way to start your life together. However, before you dismiss the possibility of drawing up one of these documents, it’s important to understand the benefits they can bring.

Prepares you for the unforeseen

No matter how in love you and your partner are, it’s impossible to predict exactly what the future has in store for you both. The fact is, a high proportion of marriages now come to an end and no matter how determined you are to make your relationship work, it’s important to be prepared for this possibility. According to figures published by the Office for National Statistics in 2012, 42 per cent of marriages in England and Wales concluded with divorce. Whether one or both of you meets someone else, the pressures of domestic life get too much, you to drift apart or you simply fall out of love, a host of things can put partnerships at risk.

pre-nup uk

By having a pre-nup in place, you can benefit from greater security that if your marriage does fall apart, at least your assets will be better protected. To find out exactly what your options are when it comes to these contracts and to ensure you don’t experience any nasty surprises further down the line, it’s wise to seek legal advice. Specialists in family law in Islington and elsewhere can help you to draw up a suitable document and they will ensure you understand the legal status of the contract.

Encourages open communication

One thing that puts many people off pre-nups is the worry that even mentioning this topic to their partners will lead to suspicion, resentment and arguments. In fact though, partners are often very understanding when the subject is brought up. Many couples find that these contracts can actually help to encourage open and effective communication in the early stages of their relationships. Bear in mind that it is much better to plan future financial agreements now when your relationship is strong and you are most in tune with your partner than further down the line if your relationship has broken down. By this point, you might find it hard to reach a consensus that you are both happy with and you’re more likely to end up embroiled in potentially acrimonious disputes.

Making an informed decision

Whether or not a pre-nup is right for you will depend on a host of issues, including your financial situation and your plans for the future. To ensure that you make the best possible choice, it’s important to get clued up on the facts. These contracts aren’t necessary or suitable for all couples, but for some soon-to-be spouses, they can boost peace of mind and eliminate a range of possible problems in the years to come.


How To Plan For A Grand Wedding Proposal

If you and your girlfriend have gone through each relationship milestones successfully and in your heart you know already that she’s the right one, then maybe it’s high time you pop the question.

First, let’s clear out some things . . .

Do you recall several of those proposal videos that have gone viral where the girls seemed more surprise at the question than the act of proposal itself thereby putting them in hot seat? Well, you knew what happened; these girls rejected their boyfriend’s proposal right there and then! Frankly, this is not a good memory to bear; the humiliation may even petrify you forever. The point is to never, ever make a creative attempt in making a proposal unless you’re sure you’ll get a “yes” from your girlfriend. You don’t stage a proposal so daring you’d think that because of that she’d say yes – no, you don’t want it that way even if it worked. Because if she isn’t sure of her feelings but just said “yes” for the sake of humiliation, chances are she’ll take it back soon after. And that, my friend, is as painful as being rejected the first time.

romantic proposal

If she’ll say yes anyway why go through the fancy trouble?

First of all, if you know in your heart it’s something she’s been waiting for a long while now, then you owe it to her to make her feel good about asking her to be your eternal partner. The good feeling will allow her to justify in her mind that everything was worth the wait after all. You sure want to witness that priceless show of emotion on her face, and that can only happen if you make your proposal right and precise.

Prepare your tools, commission your board of advisors

If you’d like to stage a grand act then you’d better call for help; this is your first time so you have no stock knowledge of these things. What kind of ring to buy, what’s the proposal concept, what do you need to prepare and where do you do it? With the help of some families and friends your anxiety level will start to mellow down making you feel more excited than nervous.

wedding on the beach

Once everything is ready, it’s now time to plan your act

Would she like a public proposal? Unless she thrives on attention, she may, otherwise stick to an intimate few like common friends and important relatives. How about an in-house proposal to keep her from public view of her unexpected hysterical cry? Would she be proud to show off a tech-prepared proposal like a podcast, or a live streaming of this main event? Has she hinted somewhere in time that she’d love a fine romantic dinner cum proposal? Whatever the concept, make sure it’s done well so as not to ruin the highlight of the night.

Popping the question is one event in your life as a couple that should create a romantic and lasting memory. Knowing that you’re doing it for the one you really love makes all the trouble worthwhile.


Dealing with Divorce – 3 Tips to Move on

When your marriage fails and it’s time to cut ties with your ex, many divorcees struggle with moving on to the next chapter in their life. In fact, there is a good chance you have fallen into a whirlwind of emotion and can’t seem to break away. Friends and family have probably heard all the negatives you could muster up about your ex, and it’s possible they are starting to get annoyed.


We’ve heard this story time and time again, which means it’s probably just a natural habit after a person has been hurt by someone they loved. We want to help you through this trying time, and we can do so with a few simple tips:

Limit the Contact

There is no reason to text, email, or call your ex, unless you have kids. Even if you do have children with the person you divorced, it’s important to limit the contact as much as possible. The common issue here is the more contact you have after the divorce; the more chances there are to have arguments. If there happens to be a little contact here and there, don’t let your emotions get the best you. Then end result will only be disastrous.

Don’t Become a Social Media Stalker

Social Media Stalker

The individual, who didn’t want the divorce, is usually the one that stalks the other person. Granted, we’re not talking about going to their house and staking out the place. No, we’re talking about Facebook, Twitter, and all the other media outlets. Now that you’re not tied down by one another, both parties have a right to do as they please.


Bonding with your Child: Tips and Tricks

Whether you have a newborn baby or your children are starting to grow older and get stuck into their school work, you should always make time to bond with your children. Parents who bond well with their children will find that they have a much healthier relationship as times goes by, and the children are less likely to develop mental or physical problems. Apart from knowing your children a lot better, there are many benefits of bonding well with your little ones (or older ones!):

Participate in activities together

You should take part in different activities together, but don’t always be the one to demand which activities it’s time for. You should always let your children choose some of the things he wants to do, since this will help him to feel like he is just as much a part of the bonding process are you are. Even if you’re not particularly fond of the activities, such as painting and messy times, allow it every now and then. Apart from arts and crafts, you can do things together such as dressing up, choosing each other’s outfits and letting them decide which story to act out.

Father and son putting coins in piggy bank

Listen to your child

Children have a lot to say, and while many parents are keen to dismiss many of the things which their child is saying, it’s very important that you take the time to listen. Children understand more than we often give them credit for, and if they have questions about anything, it’s important that they are answered properly rather than being put to one side. Use your child’s questions to bond better with them, but also to help them become more educated. Children retain a lot more information in their younger years, so make the most of it while you can.

Set aside special days

Try to set aside one day each week or each fortnight to do something special with your child. You don’t have to spend the entire day doing something fun, but you should make sure that you spend at least a couple of hours at the park, going shopping or another fun activity. If you have more than one child, be sure to set aside equal amounts of one-to-one time for all of them, so that they don’t start getting jealous of other another and fighting over your time.


Looking Your Best for Summer

As summer time rolls around, most people want to show off more skin. If you aren’t comfortable with the way you look, this can become quite problematic. You have two options – hide behind your long-sleeved shirts, or do something to get yourself in shape for the warmer months. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to look your best for the summer, and a lot of it is all about having confidence in yourself. The most important person to please is yourself, so follow these simple tips and look and feel amazing this year:

Hit the gym

Hit the gym

If you’re not comfortable with the way you look because of excess fat, it might be time to hit the gym. Getting regular workouts in your schedule can also help you to build more muscle and tone up so you’ll look even better. Personal trainers at the gym are also likely to be on hand to help and motivate you when you need it. The body that you want won’t come overnight, so remember to keep working hard and persevere if you want to get the beach body of your dreams. Research suggests that you should exercise for one hour a day in order to maintain physical health. Alternatively, if you don’t feel like the gym is the best option for you, exercise at home or go outside for a jog or walk. There are many other options, such as swimming, tennis, badminton and other sports.

Buy flattering clothes

flattering clothes

Often, people try to emulate celebrities’ fashion style by wearing clothes which don’t suit their body shape and type. It’s important to know what colors and styles of clothing suits you, and always choose items which are your true size rather than too small for you. There’s nothing worse than clothes which are too tight or too big for you, and this won’t be a flattering look. Rather than trying to squeeze into smaller sizes, always choose the size which fits you, and experiment with different colors too in order to find those which complement your skin tone and body.

Have a positive attitude

positive attitude

If you don’t have a positive outlook on your own self, then it’s much more difficult for other people to. Remember that it is very important to be positive, as you’ll feel much better about yourself and you’ll be happier too. Often, your attitude will change everything.


How to Work Well with Others

For some people, working with other people and collaborating comes perfectly naturally. However, other people find it much more difficult. This could be because they much prefer to work alone, they are naturally shy or they don’t like other people interfering in what they are doing. If you find yourself struggling to work with other people, here are some things to help you along.

  1. Be nice to others

This will seem like a cliché at first, but you’ll come to realise that being nice to the other people in the group really does help. When you treat other people with respect, they will do the same for you, and you’ll find that everything gets much easier. If you have people who don’t treat others the way they would like to be treated, it creates tension and nobody is as productive as they could potentially be.

Work Well with Others

  1. Listen to others

It’s not all about you, and when you’re working with other people, you have to be prepared to listen to what they have to say. However, this doesn’t simply mean being quiet when they decide to speak. You should look out for other people in the group, and in particular, offer the quieter people the chance to have their say. Some people might feel overwhelmed in a large group, and it’s important to make sure that everybody feels that they can say something and voice their opinion if necessary.

  1. Make friends outside

Rather than keeping it strictly to the classroom, studio or wherever it is that you’re working together, plan a day to meet up away from the work environment. This will give you all a chance to relax and get to know each other better without the stress of having to be productive and get on with work. You could even make it a rule that nobody is allowed to mention working!

  1. Go the extra mile

Doing the bare minimum will be enough, but it won’t help you to achieve any more than that. If you want to make friends with the people in the group and be likeable, go the extra mile when helping others. You might even want to bring in some cakes or food if you know it’s going to be a long day. Make jokes and allow people to feel comfortable around you, and you’ll be making friends and working well together in no time.


How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Last

Long distance relationships are usually a lot more difficult than if you and your partner were living in the same city. It takes quite a lot of effort to make a long distance relationship last, but it is not impossible and it is definitely worth it. Letting something like distance get in the way of you and your potential soul mate would be silly, which is why people get into long distance relationships in the first place. Here are some tips on making a long distance relationship last:

Long Distance Relationship

Communicate in different ways

To make up for the for the distance between you two, you will have to find new and creative ways to keep in touch. For example, you can try sending handwritten letters or cards to each other on special occasions, such as birthdays, holidays and anniversaries. You can even send letters to each other on a daily basis, so that you can see each others handwriting more often. Don’t limit yourself to just chatting online, so that you can save money on your phone bill. You can call each other using Skype, or any other free app that will allow you to simultaneously talk and see each other. Video calling is a huge aspect of any long distance relationship, as it is the closest thing to being together as you will get until you are actually together.

Make goals to see each other

Depending on how far you and your partner live away from each other, flights can be pretty expensive. So, you and your significant other need to work out a system to figure out how often you will be able to see each other in a year. If you have set aside a month each year that you see each other, you will have a goal to see each other and it will make the time in between go by much faster. The time you are not together should be used making goals for the future. For example, when you have booked a flight to visit your significant other, you can make plans to visit different places in your city together, or you can even plan it so you visit each other on your anniversaries. In a long distance relationship if you are not constantly making goals to see each other, the relationship may start to fade and you might start to think that you will never be together.