Why Casino Games are No Longer a Man’s Thing

Think of a casino and you no doubt think of James Bond, looking sharp in his tuxedo, swaggering in to play some poker or baccarat. Perhaps you also think of films like the Hangover; three groomsmen careening around Las Vegas after a wild stag party.

For many years, casinos seemed to be a place where women would simply float around in elegant evening wear as their male partners gambled. However, the times have changed and more and more women are joining the men at the tables to seek the thrills for themselves.

Ladies of Legend

Women have been indulging in various casino games longer than you may think. One of the most famous in gambling history was the notorious Poker Alice. Alice Ivers was introduced to the game by her first husband, Frank Duffield. After he was killed in a mining accident, she turned to the poker tables to support herself and could earn as much as $6,000 on a good night – not bad money if you can get it!

In her later years, she ran her own poker house and saloon. It’s thought that she earned about $250,000 playing poker, an amount that would be worth about three million dollars today, suffice to say she had a formidable poker face.


How to Start your own Online Bingo Site

If you’ve ever wanted to start an online bingo site, then there may be a few things you don’t know about yet. Never fear though, we’re here to give you all the information that you need to make your slots and bingo site!

Choose a Provider

The first step to think about is who you would like to work with on your venture. There are lots of partners and software developers that you could work with to create your site. Ideally, you’ll want to play on some of these different sites to get an idea of what they’re like for players.

Putting yourself in the shoes of the player is essential, as this will guide you through the process. Some providers specialise in additional promotions, others in providing jackpot games and others still with further selling points. You’ll want to select a provider that has selling points that can fit in with your brand, rather than something totally different.

Pick a Theme

With so many bingo sites on the market, you need to make sure that your one stands out. One way that you can do this is by coming up with a theme that’s totally original. Again, think about what would make you want to play on a site and which themes would stand out to you.

Then, you’ll want to design your site around this theme. This will include the lobby, branding and potentially social media channels. You’ll want to make it as cohesive as possible and customise whichever parts of the site will suit the branding. Be careful not to go overboard, especially if you have a theme that’s bright or cheesy.


What to Expect at a Music Festival

Whether you are going to a music festival such as Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, or you are going to a local music festival in your home town, it is important to know what you should expect. The more music festivals you attend, the more you will understand what you should and should not do. All music festivals vary, but there are a few standard rules that will apply to most of the festivals you attend. Here are a couple of tips on preparing for a music festival:

Music Festival

Dress appropriately

At an event like this it does not really matter what you wear, as long as you are comfortable. It is important that you do not wear clothes that you will sweat in a lot, as with most festivals it does tend to get really hot. You want to wear clothes that allow air to flow through the material, so you can dance and sing along to the performers. You can wear a t-shirt supporting your favourite artist at the venue, or you can wear any t-shirt or shirt that you feel comfortable in. If it is an outdoor music festival, make sure you check the weather forecast before heading out, so that you can prepare for the weather ahead. If it is expected to rain while you are there, instead of bringing an umbrella and blocking everyone’s view, you can wear a plastic poncho. A plastic, water-proof poncho will not only keep you dry from the rain, but it will also not block anybody’s view of the stage.

Pack a light bag

Regardless of whether or not you are spending the night at the music festival, you should always pack light. If you are going to be spending a night or two, bring only two sets of clothing besides the set you are wearing. You will also need to bring cash, as typically food and clothing stands at music festivals do not accept credit or debit cards. If you are going to be bringing a camera, make sure you do not bring an expensive one, as there is a high chance it will get stolen or smashed. Other than that, you should bring a few pairs of underwear, socks and some snacks. If you take any medication or if you have an inhaler, make sure you bring that too, as you might need it.


Having Fun on a Tight Budget

People often equate having fun with spending a lot of money, but having fun really only comes down to what you do and who you do it with. By thinking you have to spend a lot of money to have fun, you are not only limiting yourself, but you are also probably spending more than what is necessary in order to have a good time. Here are a few tips on having fun on a tight budget:

Go to free events

If you look up the name of your town or city, you will find that there are a lot of free events going on at any given time of the year. For example, there could be a carnival coming to your city that might not have an admission charge, so you can enter for free and spend a small amount of money to stay entertained for the whole day. If you are a student, there might also be free days for students to go to museums or art galleries. If you spend a day in a museum or art gallery, not only will you be occupied for the whole day for free, you might also learn something new. Free events are especially popular during the summer months, so remember to keep checking the local listings.

Take advantage of nature

Gather a group of your friends, load into a car and go enjoy the beauty of nature. There are so many wonderful things you could be doing outdoors, for example, you can go to the beach, you can go hiking, or you can even go for a lovely picnic on a sunny day. If you don’t want to spend money on overpriced food at the beach, you can take a portable grill with you and grill up some hotdogs and burgers for you and your friends. Going for a hike can be an adventurous day to spend the day as well, as you can explore the area and perhaps even discover a hangout spot for you and your friends.

Stay indoors

You don’t have to leave the house to have fun, all you have to do is invite your closest friends over, order a couple of pizzas and watch a movie. You can even play some board games you have lying around the house, play karaoke at home, or play charades. The only thing you need to have a good time on a budget, is a good group of friends.