3 Cars to Boost your Gas Mileage

Every year we see the price of gasoline have dramatic fluctuations. One week you’re paying $3 to $4 and in some places even $5 to $6. Whatever the gas may be, it’s one of the biggest reasons we look for cars with the best gas mileage. After all, if you can fill up the tank for $50 and get 500 to 600 miles, the actual cost is a lot less over the long run.

For instance, a 2007 BMW 525i has a 17.210 gallon tank, and at the most expense times of the year; it costs about $57 for a full tank. On average you get around 536 miles, which translates into about 31 miles per gallon. Unfortunately, when it was brand new, the car cost about $35,000, which most of us can’t afford.

Even though this is a great vehicle, we found plenty of others that offer huge mpg, and they won’t cost you near as much money to purchase. Plus, some of these vehicles don’t fully run on regular fuel.

2015 Ford Focus Electric

2015 Ford Focus Electric

Ok, we cheated a little bit when we found the 2015 Ford Focus Electric car. You can avoid the gas stations altogether, and we can do a couple better; forget the oil and CO2 as well. Instead you simply charge it with a 120V convenience charge cord or a 240V charge at home.

Standard features include everything from a 23 kWh liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery to the SmartGauge. The SmartGauge offers an EcoGuide, which allows you to see in real-time, how beneficial your driving will be on a financial level. In addition, the 2015 Ford Focus Electric offers owners the ability to recharge as you drive.

How does it work? Well, anytime you press the brakes in a regular vehicle, it tends to lose energy. When you press the brakes in the Ford Focus Electric, around ninety percent of the energy goes back to the battery. This energy is then stored so it can be used later. It’s a huge benefit, especially if you’re looking for something that offers great gas mileage.

2015 Toyota Prius

2015 Toyota Prius

There are several Prius versions in the 2015 class, but we wanted to stick with the original choice. The 2015 Toyota Prius offers 51 miles per gallon on the highway and 48 mpg in the city. It’s definitely not a “get-up-and-go” car at a whopping 134 horsepower, but it does offer plenty of other benefits.


Bosch Wiper Blades

The main task of the wiper blades is clean out all the unwanted debris of water on the windshield of a car. With the help of the other instruments in the same cleaning system, the wiper blades wipe out all the grime you won’t need in your windscreen.

The cleaning process begins with the washer pump that shoots out the cleaning liquid for the wiper blades. The wiper blades are controlled and swung back and forth by the use of an electric motor. It is important that the wiper blades are accelerated at a great speed so that it can clear out any filth in its range. The rhythmic pattern of the wiper blades is positioned on the big center part of the windshield. This is done so that the driver can safely maneuver the car into its destination.

Bosch Wiper Blades

The Bosch wiper blades have a backbone of steel. This ensures that the wiper blades not only last longer. In fact, the wiper blades manufactured by Bosch usually last 20% longer than the usual longevity of other wiper blades. The metal-hard durability of these wiper blades not only make them last longer, but also gives any car a good look. The glossy shine of steel reflecting in the sunlight enhances the overall appeal of any car. Attached to these wiper blades are the rubbers. The synthetic dual rubber technology enhances the over wiping capability of the entire wiping system. The combination of the various parts of wiping system gives it an outstanding wiping power.

The automobile wiper blades manufactured by Bosch are more than just a pretty sight in the front side of a car. They maintain the cleanliness and shine of the windshield. They guarantee safety when it comes to removing all the debris and unnecessary liquid that may impede the driver’s vision.

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Bosch Wiper Motor

It takes two mechanisms to make the wipers do their task efficiently. The combination of the worm gear reduction and the electric motor provides the power needed by the wipers. The rotational output if the motor is also converted by a neat linkage causing the rhythmic swinging motion of the wipers.

To be able to wipe out all the unnecessary debris from the driver’s range of view, a mechanical system of cleaning instruments is used. The washing pump firstly squirts out the cleaning liquid into the windshield. The motor is switched on afterwards to make the wiper blades do their task of clearing out the debris from the driver’s view. The wiper motor stands out very much in the process since it plays the significant role of moving the wiper blades and cause the actual cleaning of the windshield. The cleaning process can never be done without the wiper motor. It would take a powerful force to speed up the wiper blades back and forth. This force can be easily controlled by the driver who would judge which acceleration of the wipers would be most effeicient. This is what the wiper motor specializes in – making the amount of force needed by the driver to wipe away the rainwater or grime that block the view.

Bosch Wiper Motor

Bosch really takes the windscreen wiper manufacturing business seriously. Designing many of the best parts a car can have for its windshield cleaning system, the Bosch wiper motor powers the wipers with superior power and quality. Bosch develops powerful wiper motors that are capable of clearing out whatever usual debris that gets in the way of sight. Together with the other parts of the windshield-cleaning system, Bosch provides an excellent wiper motor to ensure the automobile’s passengers’ safety by letting the driver see what he/she needs to get a view of to be able steer out of the rain.

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Excellent Hints On Learning To Drive A Manual Transmission

Learning to drive is actually an excellent choice to make, whether you have a vehicle or not. Apart from the usefulness cars provide, a driver license can help make you far more valuable in your place of work. Driving techniques aren’t as easy as you might think however with determination and confidence, you will be able to learn how to drive within a few days. There tend to be some basic items you must note during the driving course; a number of them are generally outlined within the paragraphs down below.

Use the seat belt when you enter the car. Seat belts aid to avoid injuries throughout an accident so the very first thing a beginner ought to do is to use a seat belt. Making mistakes along with having minor accidents might be part of the learning process but you may be safe from them when your seat belts are used. Make sure the seat belt is actually in good shape as well as ask your instructor to assist you to repair it if you don’t know precisely how to do it.

After taking a comfortable position, it is necessary to arrange the side mirrors as well as front mirror. These types of mirrors are designed for the driver to see vehicles behind him along with keep away from accidental injuries whenever changing lanes. You might need to do this every time you enter in the car specifically if you share the vehicle along with other individuals.

Learning to drive

The next thing you should do just before moving the car is to identify the pedals. The manual car has 3 pedals: the clutch, the brake and the accelerator. The clutch is located at the left, the brake is actually at the middle while the accelerator will be the one at the right hand side. The left foot is used to operate the clutch while it’s much more convenient to make use of the right foot for the accelerator as well as the brake. The work of the clutch is to enable gear switching without the need of harming the gear system. It should end up being depressed completely to the floor each and every time you desire to change the gear. You must learn to operate these pedals without looking at them particularly when you’re in motion.


Revelations and Information on Buying Used Cars

Buying a used car can be among the best strategies to economize on taking a good car at an acceptable price. You really do want to be a little careful with your buying since nobody wants to be stuck with a lemon. Therefore here are one or two guidelines to getting the most from purchasing used cars:

Always make a check with the Blue Book or another credible client guide to be certain the price you are paying for the vehicle is the best one. You definitely have no desire to overpay for a vehicle that, typically is selling for a lot cheaper due to factors like age and mileage.

Read consumer reviews on what automobiles have the longest life and are good decisions to buy used. When a car has a strong name for performance and trustworthiness, the simple fact it is utilized would possibly not be much of a detriment.

Buying Used Cars

Ask if there has ever been any major repairs performed on the auto. If there has, this is not always a negative. An auto which has been in an accident and had body work performed or undergone any other repairs can still be a good vehicle. You need to know if any major work has been done since this will factor into the price you are ready to pay. You also want to know if future work will need to be performed on the vehicle based primarily on past service performed.

And speaking of service, you definitely need to know if all endorsed maintenance has been done. These days, there are tracking services that may look up the work that has been performed on a vehicle primarily based on its VIN number. While not ever car is logged with such services, if the automobile you are interested in can be accessed, then it actually would be a good idea to look it up.

The explanation why you are buying a used car is you wish to economize while still taking a good working vehicle. Through performing the proper client required research, you can feel assured any used cars you consider buying will be deliver on all expectations. These expectancies, naturally, will be the automobile works well and doesn’t end up requiring needless repairs.


Auto Detailing : The Basics Explained

Everybody loves driving a brand new vehicle, the smell, the cleanliness and the admiring glances from other motorists is something almost everyone enjoys. The problem is that new cars do not stay new for a long time. After a few weeks the smell wears off, the paintwork and interior get dirty and the vehicle becomes just another car on the road. Simply washing your car can bring back some of that initial freshness, but in order to fully reclaim that lost feeling you have to go one step further.

In order to reclaim that lost beauty your vehicle once had, you need to detail it. Auto detailing basically means cleaning every little detail of the vehicle to remove all dirt and deposits from every nook and cranny of the vehicle. Detailing actually means a total surface renewal, meaning that every part of the car including the interior and engine bay should be fully cleaned. Ultimately you will end up with a vehicle looking factory fresh and new again.

Auto Detailing

In order to properly detail a vehicle you must set aside a full day to the cleaning process. You should also regularly detail your vehicle to make it easier to keep clean and to ensure that the paintwork remains in good condition. Below is a simple exterior detailing guide for you to follow.

The first thing that you need to do is to properly wash the exterior of the car with detergent. Before you get the sponge out, spend a few minutes rinsing away any dirt or grit from the car, including in areas such as the wheel arches, door shut lines and panel gaps to prevent any dirt from contaminating your sponge and scratching the paint. Then, using only car washing detergent, wash the car in parts, starting with the roof and rinsing each part before you move to the next. Remember to use generous amounts of water and detergent and dry the car afterwards with a soft cloth or microfiber towel.

After washing the car, you now need to polish the paint to further remove any of the tougher dirt or deposits. For this you can use, in order of strength, simple paint polish, paint cleaner, a clay bar or rubbing compound. Start with the least aggressive first and work your way up depending on how the paint finish responds. Unless you are a professional detailer (in which case you should not need to read this), avoid using the super-aggressive rubbing compound.

Finally, you need to wax your vehicle to seal the paintwork with oils and prevent contaminants coming into direct contact with the paint. It is best to avoid using a spray wax here as they apply in thin coats and therefore do not last very long. Apply the wax sparingly with a damp kitchen sponge or applicator pad, and after it has dried, buff clean with a microfiber cloth to a deep shine.


Different Auto Hobbies That You Can Try

There are many people who love their cars almost as much as their own kids or someone that is close to them. Ones love for cars has resulted into many auto hobbies that has got a lot of car enthusiasts hooked. A car for these people is not just another vehicle, it is something that should be cared for and given a lot of attention.

There are different kinds of hobbies that a man can do if he is the type that wants to be with his car at all times. This kind of pasttime can be expensive but there are ways where you won´t need to spend a lot. This can also be a good way to make money.

A very common hobby among many car enthusiasts would be assembling or modifying cars. It gives a great pleasure to many when they make a car from scratch or do something with it to make it even better. You can install something to make its performance even better.

Some car fanatics would prefer to collect different cars or car parts especially the ones that are vintage. There are collectors who collect cars that belong to a particular brand while there are some who go for those that belong to a certain year. A few would even use this as business for vintage cars, which can fetch a very good price these days.

There are also enthusiasts who love to participate in amateur races. These people are sometimes those who are hands on in modifying their cars. Racing is a way for them to test the capability of their vehicle and it also gives them a certain high that no other hobby can give.

Those who love to keep their cars in top condition by polishing it and cleaning it so that it will look like the ones you see on television knows how to do car detailing. Car detailing involves keeping the interiors and the exteriors in perfect shape.

These are just a few examples of auto hobbies that you can do for yourself if you want to spend time with cars a lot. Each of this activity is a good way that one can spend his time on. Some of these hobbies can be profitable as well….


Financing a Classic Car

Owning a classic car is a dream for many. While new cars have features and options that classic cars cannot match, the grace, beauty and performance of classic cars cannot be beat. Financing classic cars, however, is a bit different from financing a new or recent used car. Here are five ways buyers can finance their favorite classic car.

1) Pay with cash

Those who sell classic cars are often individuals who prefer cash payments above other forms of payment. If a buyer has enough cash saved up to buy the car outright, he or she may be able to buy the car at a reduced rate. Further, cash purchases eliminate the stress of ongoing, monthly payments. Buyers who choose to go this route, however, should have the car thoroughly inspected and ensure that they have the sellers contact information in case the car turns out to be a lemon.

Classic Car

2) Buy with a credit card

Dealerships selling classic cars will likely be able to accept a credit card payment. Today, even individual sellers may have access to online payment gateways that allow buyers to pay with a credit card. If buyers do not have enough credit available, they can use online resources to compare the best credit cards for a low financing rate.

3) Traditional financing options

Banks may be reluctant to provide financing for a classic car. However, persistence can sometimes pay off; with a strong credit score and a history of on-time payments, buyers may be able to secure a loan. A small, local credit union might be a better option especially if the buyer has a history with them. Whichever route the buyer chooses, sharing information about the car’s worth and its depreciation can be helpful.

4) Trade-ins

When thinking about classic cars, most imagine them as a second vehicle. For many, however, a classic car may work well as an every day commuter. Buyers who would feel comfortable with using their classic car to commute or run errands may be able to get good trade-in value for their current car. Many feel that classic cars that only leave the garage on Sundays are a waste of money; what is the point of having a classic car if it is rarely driven?

5) Buy an older model and repair it

Sometimes, the cost of a classic car in perfect condition is simply too high. However, cars with repairable wear and damage can be significantly cheaper. Further, many enjoy to process of restoring a car to its former glory. Though the hours can be long and the work can be complicated, the results are well worth the effort.

Despite the challenges it presents, financing is available for classic cars. It is important to remember that classic cars are not going to disappear; if you cannot afford a classic car right now, save up for a year or two and see where you end up. Open a dedicated bank account and begin to put money aside for the car of your dreams.