Auto Detailing : The Basics Explained

Everybody loves driving a brand new vehicle, the smell, the cleanliness and the admiring glances from other motorists is something almost everyone enjoys. The problem is that new cars do not stay new for a long time. After a few weeks the smell wears off, the paintwork and interior get dirty and the vehicle becomes just another car on the road. Simply washing your car can bring back some of that initial freshness, but in order to fully reclaim that lost feeling you have to go one step further.

In order to reclaim that lost beauty your vehicle once had, you need to detail it. Auto detailing basically means cleaning every little detail of the vehicle to remove all dirt and deposits from every nook and cranny of the vehicle. Detailing actually means a total surface renewal, meaning that every part of the car including the interior and engine bay should be fully cleaned. Ultimately you will end up with a vehicle looking factory fresh and new again.

Auto Detailing

In order to properly detail a vehicle you must set aside a full day to the cleaning process. You should also regularly detail your vehicle to make it easier to keep clean and to ensure that the paintwork remains in good condition. Below is a simple exterior detailing guide for you to follow.

The first thing that you need to do is to properly wash the exterior of the car with detergent. Before you get the sponge out, spend a few minutes rinsing away any dirt or grit from the car, including in areas such as the wheel arches, door shut lines and panel gaps to prevent any dirt from contaminating your sponge and scratching the paint. Then, using only car washing detergent, wash the car in parts, starting with the roof and rinsing each part before you move to the next. Remember to use generous amounts of water and detergent and dry the car afterwards with a soft cloth or microfiber towel.

After washing the car, you now need to polish the paint to further remove any of the tougher dirt or deposits. For this you can use, in order of strength, simple paint polish, paint cleaner, a clay bar or rubbing compound. Start with the least aggressive first and work your way up depending on how the paint finish responds. Unless you are a professional detailer (in which case you should not need to read this), avoid using the super-aggressive rubbing compound.

Finally, you need to wax your vehicle to seal the paintwork with oils and prevent contaminants coming into direct contact with the paint. It is best to avoid using a spray wax here as they apply in thin coats and therefore do not last very long. Apply the wax sparingly with a damp kitchen sponge or applicator pad, and after it has dried, buff clean with a microfiber cloth to a deep shine.

What to Expect at a Music Festival

Whether you are going to a music festival such as Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, or you are going to a local music festival in your home town, it is important to know what you should expect. The more music festivals you attend, the more you will understand what you should and should not do. All music festivals vary, but there are a few standard rules that will apply to most of the festivals you attend. Here are a couple of tips on preparing for a music festival:

Music Festival

Dress appropriately

At an event like this it does not really matter what you wear, as long as you are comfortable. It is important that you do not wear clothes that you will sweat in a lot, as with most festivals it does tend to get really hot. You want to wear clothes that allow air to flow through the material, so you can dance and sing along to the performers. You can wear a t-shirt supporting your favourite artist at the venue, or you can wear any t-shirt or shirt that you feel comfortable in. If it is an outdoor music festival, make sure you check the weather forecast before heading out, so that you can prepare for the weather ahead. If it is expected to rain while you are there, instead of bringing an umbrella and blocking everyone’s view, you can wear a plastic poncho. A plastic, water-proof poncho will not only keep you dry from the rain, but it will also not block anybody’s view of the stage.

Pack a light bag

Regardless of whether or not you are spending the night at the music festival, you should always pack light. If you are going to be spending a night or two, bring only two sets of clothing besides the set you are wearing. You will also need to bring cash, as typically food and clothing stands at music festivals do not accept credit or debit cards. If you are going to be bringing a camera, make sure you do not bring an expensive one, as there is a high chance it will get stolen or smashed. Other than that, you should bring a few pairs of underwear, socks and some snacks. If you take any medication or if you have an inhaler, make sure you bring that too, as you might need it.

The Benefits of E-Cigarettes

Millions of people around the world smoke on a regular basis, with the UK being home to more than a total of 10 million smokers. Since there are problems with smoking ‘real’ cigarettes, many people decide to turn to e-cigarettes in an attempt to beat their addictions and habits and improve their health. Here are some of the benefits of using e-cigarettes.

  1. There is no odour

One of the main things that people hate about cigarettes is the smell. Not only does is pollute the area around you that you’re smoking in, but it will also get onto your clothes, furniture and car seats. Smokers find that their breath starts to smell of smoke on a regular basis, and although smokers themselves get used to the smell of tobacco, many people have reported ruining dates and friendships through the foul odour of smoking. With electronic cigarettes, there is no smell, since the vapour evaporates into the air straight away.


  1. It’s a lot safer

Cigarettes can be a serious fire hazard, particularly if you smoke inside your car or at home. Many house fires are started each year by people who are smoking cigarettes and don’t put them out properly, whereas e-cigarettes aren’t burning a real flame. Although there was one incident a few years ago where an e-cigarette was reported to explode, there are extremely safe in the main.

Apart from being safe for the environment and not being risky when it comes to causing fire, e-cigarettes are also a lot safer for your health and the health of those around you. Children who inhale second-hand smoke from their parents and other people are more at risk of developing asthma and other health problems. Lung cancer is also directly related to smoking, so if you want to become a healthier person, cut out the cigarettes and switch to an e-cig.

  1. It is cheaper

Smoking an e-cigarette is much cheaper than smoking regular cigarettes. Although you’ll pay a higher upfront cost for the actual electronic cigarette, you simply have to buy refills every couple of weeks and you won’t have to pay for any other extras. When you’re smoking real cigarettes on a regular basis, it can become quite costly as you try to feed your addiction with 10-20 cigarettes a day.

  1. You don’t miss anything

Hundreds of people start smoking in social situations, either because they want to fit in or just find themselves trying it out as an experiment. However, once you start having to leave the party in order to have a cigarette outside, you find yourself missing more than you probably want to. Changing to an e-cigarette means that you can stay inside and fulfil your craving.

I’ve just run for MILES – why can’t I sleep?!

Do you notice a pattern between heavy exercise and light sleep?

“Wow,” said my housemate when I got back from my run last night, “you look wrecked. Your hair is kind of everywhere and… wow…”

Working out in Gym Series

I beamed at her, face red, hair frizzballed, sweating profusely and promptly slumped onto the counter. “I’m knackered!” I announced proudly, sitting up and guzzling my water like it was a drink of champions.

Five minutes later she told a joke and I laughed and laughed and laughed. Really loudly and for quite a long time. Everytime I revisited the joke in my mind it sent me into bellows of laughter again. This happened a number of times throughout the evening, including when I was clapped out on my bed and she threw my phone at my head (it was a helpful throw, I was too exhausted to move, I think that’s important to indicate).

Later, after a very ill-advised 10pm bowl of Sugar Puffs, I tossed and turned and giggled to myself as I tried and utterly failed to drop into a restful night’s sleep. Dozing I managed, a little bit of reading was achievable too, but other than that I lay on the bed and buzzed out of my head.


I’ve experience this kind of thing before after heavier than usual, strenuous exercise. I’ll return feeling exhausted and sure that a quick bath and some dumpy food are all it will take to send me off into a deep and satisfying sleep and actually the opposite happens. I toss and turn, feel playful and euphoric but cannot catch those much needed z’s. [Read more…]

How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Last

Long distance relationships are usually a lot more difficult than if you and your partner were living in the same city. It takes quite a lot of effort to make a long distance relationship last, but it is not impossible and it is definitely worth it. Letting something like distance get in the way of you and your potential soul mate would be silly, which is why people get into long distance relationships in the first place. Here are some tips on making a long distance relationship last:

Long Distance Relationship

Communicate in different ways

To make up for the for the distance between you two, you will have to find new and creative ways to keep in touch. For example, you can try sending handwritten letters or cards to each other on special occasions, such as birthdays, holidays and anniversaries. You can even send letters to each other on a daily basis, so that you can see each others handwriting more often. Don’t limit yourself to just chatting online, so that you can save money on your phone bill. You can call each other using Skype, or any other free app that will allow you to simultaneously talk and see each other. Video calling is a huge aspect of any long distance relationship, as it is the closest thing to being together as you will get until you are actually together.

Make goals to see each other

Depending on how far you and your partner live away from each other, flights can be pretty expensive. So, you and your significant other need to work out a system to figure out how often you will be able to see each other in a year. If you have set aside a month each year that you see each other, you will have a goal to see each other and it will make the time in between go by much faster. The time you are not together should be used making goals for the future. For example, when you have booked a flight to visit your significant other, you can make plans to visit different places in your city together, or you can even plan it so you visit each other on your anniversaries. In a long distance relationship if you are not constantly making goals to see each other, the relationship may start to fade and you might start to think that you will never be together.